Krieg Mania Hellborn Build //

10/07/2019 · This is the first such build, the high output ElemenTitan build. The ElemenTitan. The Hellborn Mania build pretty much is flushed out as it can be, but what looped me back around to it was the extent of tinkering and experimenting I did with gear combinations and started to see that proper used, Krieg had the capacity to rival Maya for. 09/01/2017 · Hellborn does not synergize with Mania. You can go either HellbornBloodlust or ManiaBloodlust for optimal gameplay. The survival benefits from Hellborn far outweigh the inability to use your action skill. On the flip side if you're playing Mania then your action skill is pretty much all you'll be using at the cost of survivability and gun damage.

20/06/2019 · Pretty sure I’m not the first one to try combine Krieg’s Hellborn tree and Mania tree. But here’s my version. Why is this build important? I personally find melee Krieg very strong but very squishy on OP8. This build will make him a lot tougher when mobbing, without losing any strength. Hey everyone, I just purchased Krieg yesterday and lvl'd him to about 20 wanted to try a melee build that will carry me to endgame. I was wondering which tree synergizes with Mania better, Bloodlust or Hellborn?

Mania and Bloodlust tree mainly. Use a Roid shield for extra melee damage when shield is depleted in case of Krieg almost all the time. Best class mod for this is legendary sickle. Hellborn: Hellborn and Mania. Or Hellborn and Bloodlust. If u spec into mania/hellborn u have release the best for insta healing, besides the elemental healing. Hellborn Krieg build [Discussion] self.Borderlands2 submitted 1 year ago by Ninja iCracktale I tried to make a build that doesn't have to rely on the Grog Nozzle or the Flame of the Firehawk which apart from fucking up my vision also blows up every single barrel sending me in FFYL way too often. 03/06/2013 · I'm currently playing Krieg, and I'd like to know some viable Hellborn builds. So far, I find it the hardest to manage because of the self-inflicted DoT, which seems to take A LOT of Skill points to compensate, as opposed to Bloodlust, which can play keep away, or Mania and it's massive health regen on kill and the EXTREMELY powerful. I'm no hellborn expert, but there are a couple guys I know that run a similar hellborn/mania setup, but both of them are mainly gun builds with some melee on the side.

07/11/2018 · Primary Points put in: Hellborn/Mania Info: Mob Farming Build level: 61/72. Dank Rafft’s “Hellborn Krieger” Primary Points put in: Bloodlust/Hellborn Info: 72 Build level: An elemental DPS build focusing on the Hellborn tree and synergies between elemental skills and gear without relying too much on Krieg’s action skill. Hellborn Krieg is amazing as is Mania. If you can get a shield that'd increase your Mac health like Rough Rider and/or vitality relic off a loot midget, you'll go much longer before you kill yourself. Hellborn Krieg actually gets stronger the higher you go and the more people you fight, making him the best mobber in the game imo. Mania is probably Krieg's most powerful tree. It's also a lot of fun - it has big bonuses to both straight-up melee and explosive damage. Supplement it with some well-chosen Bloodlust skills and you'll be unstoppable. This build boosts melee damage significantly and uses that as the launchpad for ridiculous explosive AOE damage. Level 5: Action.

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